An Unforgettable Experience

Bringing Luxury & Adventure Together.

Welcome to the Emerald lady

The Emerald Lady is a 115ft Benetti Motor Yacht based out of Far North Queensland. We cater to luxury experiences, whether you prefer a relaxing cruise, an extended adrenaline filled remote adventure, just a day on the reef or a special event, we can cater to all types of charters.

The Emerald Lady is fitted out with many features that make your charter exceptional. We have specialised custom auxiliary vessels for both fishing and diving, with plenty of equipment for other water activities.

Our vessels include a 23ft Trophy Lite fishing, two new Norman Wright built 4.8m tenders with 50hp Yamaha, two poly-craft 4.5M vessels with 50hp Yamaha and a 19ft AB inflatable customised for scuba diving. At any time up to four tenders can accompany the Emerald Lady.

Combined with a state-of-the-art entertainment system, convertible sleeping arrangements, specialist crew and its own Helipad, the options are limitless when planning your specialised charter with Emerald Lady. We offer a complete holiday with all the luxury amenities to make your adventure with us an unforgettable experience.

What we offer

We specialise in remote adventures as well as catering to the Cairns Heavy Tackle season, with the capability to not only host guests off several game boats at a time, but we can also provide support to both the game fishing vessel and its crew.

There are a number of different activities and experiences to do aboard the Emerald Lady. They include: diving – whether it be snorkeling or scuba diving. Fishing – whether it be barra fishing, light tackle or heavy tackle. Mother Shipping – for people who want to use our yacht as a mother boat. Luxury Cruises – if you just want a nice getaway with beautiful open waters. Special Events – whether it be corporate, a wedding or a birthday we can cater for your needs.